Flow Through System Pump

flow through pump

The Flow Through System Pump is a fixed-speed, self priming peristalticpump. The peristaltic pump roller pressure squeezes fluid through the tubing. The flow is proportional to the speed of the rollers (rpm) and the inside diameter of the tubing).

The pump can be used to pump fluid or gas without contaminating the pump; the pumped material contacts the tube only.

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Technical Specifications
Tubing Size Selection
Catalog No. RPM** 60Hz Flow Rate (mL/min)***
Tube Size (ID x 3/32 in. Wall)
1/16* 1/8 3/16 1/4
Labomed 900-1600 49 11 44 100 150

* Requires shim
** At 50 Hz, flow rate will be 16% lower
*** Flow rate accuracy: +-8%

Selection of tubing material depends on the chemical being pumped.
Ask for our Tubing Guide to select the appropiate type of tubing links for the liquid in use.